Design Philosophy
I think the keys to success in a modern Agile software team are having a well-defined focus for each iteration, and effective communication between team members. 

I think carefully about the scope of an iteration, and of each task in the iteration. Limiting scope allows the team to focus and get feedback from users and stakeholders more quickly; that feedback should inform the next iteration to provide additional value. Performing each task or iteration well is important, but managing the transitions between is critical, especially when deciding which results impact the next task or iteration, and which will inform future iterations (or the product backlog).  

I try to choose wisely between the Agile approach of minimal documentation and the communication needs of (often remote) teams. I try to judge both the communication value of a specific artifact, and the fidelity (detail) appropriate in the situation. I’ve worked mostly remote since 2006; I feel comfortable making decisions on team communication, but like most of us I am still seeking a remote toolset as effective as “everybody in a room, standing at a whiteboard”.  

As a UX Designer, it’s my responsibility to advocate for the users. From my years as a software developer and project manager, I feel just as responsible for my teammates, other stakeholders, and the success of the project/product. For that reason, I think of myself as a uniquely qualified negotiator between stakeholders, and I believe one of my major contributions to a development team is communications. 
Software Development and Project Management
Trained as a UX designer & researcher, experienced as a software project leader & developer, and fascinated by the Agile Product Owner/Manager role, I’m most comfortable when I have one foot in the user/business world and the other foot in technology. I’m passionate about software that delivers excellent user experience, meets business goals, and is sustainable. 

I have years of experience developing software and leading software projects for well-known companies such as Time Warner, Bank of America, and Accenture. I’m comfortable learning complex technology, discussing it with technical experts, and explaining it in simple business terms to non-technical professionals. 

I’m an always-on learner, actively seeking out opportunities to learn. I recently completed a Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech;  I also have an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School (Univ. of Pennsylvania) and a BS in Management Information Systems from the Univ. of Virginia

As a team member, I anticipate risks, monitor project scope, communicate plans and status, and collaborate; I believe those skills are just as critical to team success as completing your assigned tasks. I’m a team player and I am comfortable with being a leader without a title.  
What I seek
I want to work on a product-focused team with developers, product owners, and business users. I want to participate in both UX design and research activities. I'd like to design both Mobile and Web apps. (I'd be glad to code also!) Recently I've become fascinated by the Agile Product Owner/Manager role. 

So I haven't set my heart on a specific role; I'm open to possibilities. I would prefer to "wear lots of hats", because I think I can bring more value if I can leverage my extended skill set. While that might be with a smaller organization, I'm very comfortable working in a large corporate environment, and I'm excited about the possibilities for large organizations to apply UX principles to systems used everyday by their employees. 
How can I help your organization?
Contact me via email at jcrisp07 at Outlook dot com (that is a zero-seven)
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