I’m available for freelance and short-term contract engagements. With a breadth of software and consulting experience, I come up to speed quickly. I’m flexible about the role I am asked to fulfill, whether leadership or team player. 

Here are some of the ways I can help your organization: 
Accessibility: I can assess compliance with WCAG/Section 508 guidelines. I can also make the necessary code changes (I’m most comfortable in React and Javascript). I understand how to successfully work on A11Y compliance in parallel with teams developing features; I can work in your process.
UX Design: I have a range of skills from research to prototyping to user evaluation (please see my UX portfolio). Recently I became a Certified OOUX Strategist, adding to my background in relational database design and UML Object-Oriented Design. I can prototype in a variety of prototyping tools, in No-code tools, or with HTML/CSS/Javascript.
Front End Development: I’ve recently been working in React, Javascript, HTML+CSS, and GraphQL.
Project Management: I have years of experience as a developer and manager in a variety of methodologies. I can fit in your approach, or help you unlock improvements to your process. I can start with stakeholders and lead the process through to successful completion, blending Agile techniques with “just enough” documentation and communication.
With an MS-HCI from Georgia Tech and an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School, I’m at home with one foot in the user/business world, and the other foot in technology.
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